Inanely [adverb]

Definition of Inanely:


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Sentence/Example of Inanely:

Whenever I get one of those inane email notices about incremental changes in my credit rating, which arrive nearly daily, I tense up.

The show not only provided a welcome reprieve from a tough day in the laboratory, but also fueled fun debates among us students as to whether the inane scenarios were plausible.

All the evening we sat, almost in silence, inanely smirking at each other and listening to the rain.

I was speaking with your father last night, he said, at last, somewhat inanely.

Each of them was Tommy Atkins—the inanely smirking hero of the picture-paper and the funny paragraph.

The quotation, lilted inanely as a nursery rime, pierced her heart like a flight of silver arrows.

His eye fell on the terra-cotta Parisienne dancing inanely on her pedestal, and he moaned like one in pain.

Tony saw the slight trembling of her lips, and laughed somewhat inanely as he held out his hands.

She danced as beautifully, dressed as divinely, smiled as bewitchingly, and talked as inanely as ever.

But Pierrot continued to stare at the sky, and laughed once more inanely.