Inanity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inanity:

Perhaps I was but startled yesterday to find a celestial loveliness where I expected to encounter pallid inanity.

Profane inanity, I repeat; for every helpless woman is a living, intolerable blasphemy against the Most High.

In fashionable speech inanity began to be replaced by profanity.

They smile at each other with perfect and well-bred inanity for a second, and then Fred Lasceet slips in between them.

It were a mockery, an inanity, to bid a man spend his affections on hypostatized laws that neither know nor answer him.

Without her elixirs daily taken we perish of lassitude and inanity.

Too weak to grab their share of the spoil in the hurly-burly, they scavenged in these hours of universal inanity.

He was, he said, convinced of the inanity of certain accusations which had been brought against him out of religious animosity.

The latter give us inanity without clothes; the former, inanity in particularly gorgeous clothes.

As for the talk of ball-rooms, its silliness and inanity are almost proverbial.