Inapplicable [adjective]

Definition of Inapplicable:

not relevant

Synonyms of Inapplicable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inapplicable:

Sentence/Example of Inapplicable:

That gratitude is the expectation of favors to come was, in the case of Aristide, a cynical and inapplicable proposition.

But singular cases may exist wherein raillery is inapplicable, and of which it is not for us to judge.

They are inapplicable where the almost universal landlord is the state as in India.

They are inapplicable where the only capitalists are the landlords, and the labourers are their property, as in slave countries.

Therefore the method which Macaulay suggests is inapplicable.

When we leave this region we are in a sphere to which they are quite inapplicable.

"Rookery" appears to me to be inapplicable to a herd of sea elephants, though "pup" supplies a more apt description of the young.

Unfortunately, there were circumstances in the case which he could not be expected to know, and which made his logic inapplicable.

The Palgravian will then with disappointment discover that his favorite and conventional whine is inapplicable.

My Lords, the Managers for the Commons have not used any inapplicable language.