Inapposite [adjective]

Definition of Inapposite:

not suitable

Opposite/Antonyms of Inapposite:

Sentence/Example of Inapposite:

They are not content to tell you that this or that inapposite event has taken place.

It depends for its effect, not upon ornament, which perforce appears trivial and inapposite, but upon its mass.

This speech of Aeneas, though not inapposite, is rather didactic—a fault which always remained a danger to Euripides.

He stood before his bookshelves trying to select a volume, rejecting one after another as inapposite.

This lesson is, perhaps, not inapposite for a nation already proud in arms but new in history.

In addition, the functional act is inapposite, sometimes even harmful; it may be described as a parasite function.

As for Jenny Trewhella, madness would have to help the signature of such an inapposite conjunction.

They are names mostly associated with the early annals of Montreal, and seem rather inapposite here.

Why, I was almost tempted to join in the general merriment his inapposite reply elicited.

And any two lines, no matter how inapposite, can174 be æsthetically related by other lines properly placed.