Inarticulate [adjective]

Definition of Inarticulate:

unable to speak well

Synonyms of Inarticulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inarticulate:

Sentence/Example of Inarticulate:

Bernard folded his hands together—almost devoutly—and stood gazing at her with a long, inarticulate murmur of satisfaction.

Never had Tom seen his gay and careless cousin in such guise: he was restless, silent, intense and inarticulate.

But also it was an inarticulate yearning to find that state of safety where he and she dwelt secure from separation—in the 'sea.'

Shrieking inarticulate anathema, he rushed downstairs, the man in the green baize apron following at his heels.

Down the long corridors the wind mysteriously whispered, rising in inarticulate moanings and woeful sighs, as of souls in pain.

His face clouds and, bending over the beef, he growls a few inarticulate words at it.

Generally at such times she did not think of anything, but lay immersed in an inarticulate well-being.

Those who have endeavored to talk with them speak of their utterance as being inarticulate in sound.

The language of the Akka is of a very undeveloped type, and seems a link between articulate and inarticulate speech.

He turned with an inarticulate cry and went hurriedly over to the switch and flung on the lights.