Inattentively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inattentively:

Can I let any piece of my work be done carelessly or inattentively, when I know that it is being done expressly for Him?

"That's enough," said Warble, inattentively, and she danced down stairs to freeze out her caller.

"You may well say so, ma'am," Captain Branscome answered, but inattentively.

As she sat there, so inattentively turning the pages of her book, the foreboding sense of some approaching drama flooded the room.

And I laughed in my sleeve, as I listened inattentively to what she was saying to persuade me.

He would listen inattentively, answer but little, and both in his words and manners appeared very different from his usual custom.

The justice gave his reasons for thinking so, while Bob listened rather inattentively.

I finished dealing and, after glancing rather inattentively at my cards, declared hearts.

The questions and cross-questions about Douai he had answered almost inattentively.

In the narrower sense, acts of will are such acts only as cannot be inattentively performed.