Inaugurate [verb]

Definition of Inaugurate:

begin; install

Synonyms of Inaugurate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inaugurate:

Sentence/Example of Inaugurate:

He had the map framed and brought into the West Wing shortly after he was inaugurated.

Even if you didn’t vote for the president being inaugurated, it can feel like you’re watching history being made as the new president is sworn in.

The first president inaugurated in Washington was Thomas Jefferson in 1801.

Until the 1930s, incoming presidents weren’t inaugurated until March 4 of the next year, so Washington had an even longer lame-duck period than presidents do now.

A new president will be inaugurated Wednesday in a city with areas under military lockdown.

Nine days later, Lincoln stood before the crowd to be inaugurated.

He did not want Lincoln to win, Douglas told the crowd, but “if Lincoln is elected, he must be inaugurated.”

He played a key role once again when he lit the Olympic flame to inaugurate the 1984 Games in Los Angeles, later recalling that at age 49, he had prepared by running up and down a parking garage with five-pound weights.

Under such auspices dawned the year 1861, destined to inaugurate a new epoch in the life of Tchaikovsky.

Make the work efficient, though it be limited to a small number, rather than inaugurate a magnificent failure.