Inauguration [noun]

Definition of Inauguration:

installation of newcomers

Synonyms of Inauguration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inauguration:

Sentence/Example of Inauguration:

There are nearly three months between Election Day and the presidential inauguration to count all the votes.

A few dozen demonstrators from liberal advocacy groups gathered outside the Hart Senate Office Building on Thursday, waving signs that read “Save Roe” and “No confirmation without inauguration.”

Zandi says the consensus is that if the federal government doesn’t pass more stimulus before the election, it’s very unlikely anything gets done before the inauguration.

Many of us have made it clear we can’t go home before the election and potentially inauguration without helping people, small businesses, local governments.

If they do fill the seat—either before the November election, or between November and the inauguration in January—it would be with a conservative judge, leaving the Supreme Court with a 6-3 conservative majority.

The first rail road opened in Brazil, the emperor and empress being present at the inauguration.

But the day of his inauguration was the last day of his happiness.

In the inauguration of the system, Japanese statesmanship was exposed to a severe ordeal.

Herndon's Life is probably the most satisfactory of the period before Lincoln's inauguration.

Enthusiasm and hope animated the whole assembly, and everybody saw in this States-General the inauguration of a glorious future.