Inborn [adjective]

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For example, a newborn mouse has an inborn fear of foxes, even if it is the descendant of many generations of lab mice with no exposure to foxes at all.

These were proofs, had any been needed, of her inborn delight in life and her own loveliness.

It is the proving that bends the back, tries the patience, strains to the utmost the man's inborn Instinct of the Metal.

Freedom of will would then have to be acknowledged even in inanimate things; for even fire acts according to its inborn nature.

Those dancing clear blue eyes betrayed the inborn love of a high-spirited nature.

You may say that a girl of such a family cannot help being cultivated: culture is inborn.

On the other hand, it is possible that shame may 253be dependent upon a special inborn disposition.

It is a disputed question whether the sentiments of shame and disgust are inborn.

Nor did a woman need to be clever and cultivated to be bewitched by his inborn, simple sweetness.

Gano shrank from an imputation of pessimism, as people do in whom the tendency is inborn and inveterate.