Inbred [adjective]

Definition of Inbred:

produced by inbreeding

Synonyms of Inbred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inbred:


Sentence/Example of Inbred:

Still it was not to be: inbred pride is not so easily vanquished—even by Bishops!

While he retained his inbred gentleness, yet he case-hardened it with an armor of indifference not to be easily penetrated.

His closely cropped beard and hair were iron gray, and his mild blue eyes and shapely hands told of inbred qualities.

The latter trait was doubtless inbred from her distinguished naval relatives.

Nowise inbred in me is it to fight a runaway battle, neither to cower in fear.

He was full of inbred suspicions and, perhaps, of unreasonable demands.

I felt that a stranger was at a great disadvantage in trying to conduct a factory in such an inbred community.

They told of an outdoor life, of a good horse, and a light canoe, and the inbred love of trees and sky and running water.

It is the belief of dog breeders that those members of an inbred litter which show reversion are the strongest and best.

Similarly, experience shows that if an inbred sire and dam produce a dun-colored striped foal it almost always turns out well.