Incapable [adjective]

Definition of Incapable:

not adequate; helpless

Synonyms of Incapable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incapable:

Sentence/Example of Incapable:

He has been so attached to us — following My Lovely Wife and me from room to room, whimpering when we leave the house — that we figured he worshiped us and was incapable of anything approaching aggression.

We would have to prioritize cow welfare in a way that I seriously think we’re incapable of right now.

Many in the business world have talked at length about the private sector having the ability to step up to tackle the problems government has proved incapable of addressing.

The phones’ batteries were incapable of keeping up with the demands of the company’s frequent software updates.

In essence, the patchwork of the cities, while maintaining a semblance of Crusader city-states, was incapable of logistically supporting an army – in some cases, even to defend against localized threats.

Then we are again overgrown boys, beings of inferior race and incapable of being civilized.

In the retreat across the Niemen he proved himself absolutely incapable of reorganising a beaten force.

She was as incapable of jealousy as of aching vanity in the fact of a son whom the world was never permitted to forget.

A meeting may be legally held though one of its members is incapable, physically or mentally, from receiving notice.

His previous career had not been without distinction, and that he was an incapable commander had never before been hinted.