Incarnate [adjective]

Definition of Incarnate:

in bodily form

Synonyms of Incarnate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incarnate:


Sentence/Example of Incarnate:

"Without doubt; true demons incarnate," replied the veracious priest.

Her smile was strangely distant, strangely precious: she was love and tenderness incarnate; her little hands held both of his.

Hence she surpassed in grace and holiness all other created beings, and was consecrated a worthy temple of the incarnate Word.

She was a creature consecrated, made holy by suffering; she was the sacredness of life incarnate, a thing godlike, beyond earth.

Destiny, incarnate in the form of Wellington, has still some dignity; but how sordid in the shape of Hudson Lowe.

Night came, the farmer and his wife said to each other that it was high time to get rid of this incarnate demon.

No, here lay misery incarnate right before her eyes and, of course, she must instantly set about relieving it.

There has gone out from among us an incarnate evil influence, a fact which calls for our profound gratitude.

Were I a power in the universe, I would cram the air over the heads of such incarnate greeds with clouds of souls!

Those who fear God in all ages, participate the mercies dispensed to man through an incarnate Redeemer.