Incarnated [adjective]

Definition of Incarnated:

real, concrete

Synonyms of Incarnated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incarnated:

Sentence/Example of Incarnated:

Prokopios describes the rule as that of “the demon that had become incarnate in Justinian.”

This combination is incarnated by Hoggard and Prabble, the two deacons of the dissenting congregation of Steepleford.

These spirits later became incarnated in human beings of the Lizard, Snake, or other totem, and are constantly being reincarnated.

All the mystery of womanhood seems incarnated in their ugly being—the Mothers!

After the burial of Maroba, Gunpati incarnated in his first-born, who began a conjuring career in his turn.

Many souls enter Acheron, and, after a longer or shorter period, return to earth to be incarnated in new bodies.

Proclus gave out the same teaching; he affirmed that he had been incarnated in Nichomachus, the Pythagorean.

Like the Hindus, they hold that he was incarnated more than once on earth.

Better for him to die and return incarnated to give the same truth on yet another side.

In the preface to The Bondswoman's Son he confesses that he has sometimes wondered if he has incarnated different personalities.