Incarnating [verb]

Definition of Incarnating:

exhibit, make plain

Opposite/Antonyms of Incarnating:

Sentence/Example of Incarnating:

In such a test the Christian myth, for example, would be valued for its power of incarnating human desire.

But his soul goes marching on and his mistakes are still re-incarnating here on earth.

They taught that this "Awen" had animated the lower forms of life, mineral, vegetable and animal, before incarnating as man.

With her idealism, she was always incarnating in some individual the perfections that she was constantly imagining.

He confesses that he is unable to compose without incarnating himself in his creations so thoroughly as to lose his own identity.

The greater its loathsomeness, the greater that incarnating stuff!

What do you suppose I would be doing before incarnating again?

If the theory were correct, the king incarnating a god would be slain yearly.

Characters he did not seek to draw, but he made a personage the medium of incarnating a quality.

It is true that in incarnating themselves in individuals, collective ideals tend to individualize themselves.