Incautiously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Incautiously:

In letting one of the company out she incautiously stood looking through the open chink into the dark passage.

Only once, when Sogrange incautiously displayed a gold watch, did the eyes of one or two of their number glisten.

The East, North and South are deemed to be his sons, by a maid who incautiously exposed herself to the west wind.

There is also the danger of burning or becoming injured by the heat, if left incautiously too near the fire.

Here too it was incautiously attacked, and party spirit thus became yet more dangerous from religious enthusiasm.

Incautiously, Bluff let fall certain words that gave Jerry a clue as to the true situation.

A little lawyer who incautiously mixed himself up in the game shared the same fate.

They paddled incautiously for them, but the same excitement kept others from noting their movements.

"I wish to heaven you'd get married and settle down, Miss Briggerland," he said incautiously.

But one incautiously said, "So long as Thomas lives, you will never be at peace."