Incendiaries [adjective]

Definition of Incendiaries:

causing trouble, damage

Synonyms of Incendiaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incendiaries:

Sentence/Example of Incendiaries:

Hoyer said the language Greene has used is far more incendiary than what King had said over the years.

That would make sense as a candidate for Congress, but it seems a puzzling thing for someone in private life to delegate people not just to manage your accounts but also to post such incendiary things.

Of the various flags paraded around the seat of the US legislative branch, the most incendiary was a battle pennant from the Confederate army.

Other teams reproduced only the spike protein to analyze for portions that are especially incendiary towards our immune system, which could spark a larger immune response.

It provided the kindling for an incendiary — and at times strikingly effective — reckoning with American racism.

It ran from October 26 through November 1, despite Facebook’s policies against incendiary content.

The Roman capitol fired during the night by an incendiary and consumed.

Sentiments were offered and speeches made, which in other days would have been called incendiary.

The incendiary wagons were filled with the firebrands stamped 1912.

On the night of May 24 the city became a scene of incendiary rage.