Incense [noun]

Definition of Incense:

strongly fragrant smoke

Synonyms of Incense:

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Sentence/Example of Incense:

And thou tookest thy garments of divers colours, and coveredst them: and settest my oil and my sweet incense before them.

Thou sattest on a very fine bed, and a table was decked before thee: whereupon thou didst set my incense, and my ointment.

And they put incense upon the altar, and lighted up the lamps that were upon the candlestick, and they gave light in the temple.

The sun-kissed flowers plume the day with colour, and fling incense to the winds.

The repose is there, the angels also—dear commanding things—and a perpetual incense of cheap soap.

Then, instead of the majestic clouds of incense from the threshers, will rise blue spiral wreaths of smoke from the lonely home.

At the end, amidst torches and incense and solemn chanting, the Host is exhibited for the adoration of the crowd.

No, Sir, what you smell ain't incense—on'y the vaults after the damp weather we've bin 'aving.

There was a candle lit & was incense carried forward & thereafter was ye Holy Rood set at the prow.

No one wears a garland when sacrificing, or burning incense, or pouring out a libation.