Incensed [adjective]

Definition of Incensed:

very angry

Synonyms of Incensed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incensed:

Sentence/Example of Incensed:

You can first identify leakage points by turning on your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, creating a slight pressure differential between indoors and outdoors, then holding up a lit incense stick to potential problem areas.

They voted with their feet, like the Fox News viewers incensed by the network's accurate 2020 election coverage who switched to Newsmax.

There’s a humorous element to seeing fans angrily tweet at royal family accounts, incensed by what they have just witnessed O’Connor or Olivia Colman’s Elizabeth enact on-screen.

But there's no denying that I behaved disgracefully to—you know—and Dr. Ashton has good reason to be incensed.

It may be, of course, that the responsibility was thrown on the lady in order to restrain the hand of the incensed king.

But mother and Maxim bravely defended Stenka, and I was deeply incensed at father, who despotically terminated the discussion.

M. d'Infreville, justly incensed against me, had not left me a sou, and my mother and I became terribly poor.

This action incensed the emperor, who immediately dispatched an army of eighty thousand men against the city.

General Funston affords an illustration that has incensed many officers.

Great bands of incensed pride bound her heart now, closing in the love that had fluttered there.