Incentives [noun]

Definition of Incentives:

lure, inducement

Opposite/Antonyms of Incentives:

Sentence/Example of Incentives:

The private ownership of land is one of the greatest incentives to human effort that the world has ever known.

Our constant visits to the theatre were strong incentives to a preparatory study of the plays of Goethe, Schiller, and Lessing.

The novelty of the thing may have pleased them; but the real incentives lay deeper down in the natural goodness of their hearts.

They are always males; gay young bachelors, with no incentives, we will suppose, to an industrious career.

The Skipper was boiling with rage under the influence of various incentives as he approached.

And possibly these agents have been the greatest incentives to help create and crystallize this unrest and migration.

Fame and reward are powerful incentives, but they bear no comparison to the influence exercised by affection.

Among the proximate incentives to shooting and angling, then, may be the need of recreation and outdoor life.

Sympathy, we are told, is one of the strongest and noblest incentives to human action.

Instead of being fetters, these contradictions seem to have been incentives to the artist.