Incentivize [verb]

Definition of Incentivize:

incite to action or greater effort often with a reward

Synonyms of Incentivize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incentivize:

Sentence/Example of Incentivize:

So potentially had we incentivized people to have a more interesting conversation or to get as much information as they can, that would also potentially lead people to prefer sensitive questions over neutral ones.

Likewise, incentivize app users to rate and write reviews of your app on the store.

The union is requesting a better compensation structure that it says will incentivize experienced patrollers to stay with the company.

The payments are incentivizing TikTok stars and regular people to post more videos to Snapchat, which was Snapchat’s aim, and proves that revenue remains key to the recipe for any platform trying to attract creators.

While incentivizing prospects to make a purchase is perhaps the most common strategy, it’s not always effective.

Gloria said he’s going to incentivize city employees to continue teleworking, or working remotely, as part of a wider mission to cut San Diego’s energy consumption.

The county could incentivize purchases of electric vehicles in some way, and new Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer has proposed creating a so-called carbon mitigation bank.

To our knowledge, there are currently no existing long-term bond products that specifically incentivize climate adaptation in low-income countries and small island nations.

He’s also a critic of a model that inherently incentivizes perpetual cost increases in order to hedge against the risk of scientific failure.

Since higher literacy rates correlate to higher “gross domestic product,” then incentivizing people to continue their schooling could boost productivity, individual well-being, and societal prosperity, he says.