Incessantly [adverb]

Definition of Incessantly:


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Sentence/Example of Incessantly:

Of course we adore him, but he is very loud, is sometimes dangerous, talks incessantly and easily spins out of control.

New economic paradigms encouraged industry to incessantly exploit nature to fuel monetary growth without limits.

Washington’s defense, which entered the game as the league’s best against the pass, held to its plan of pressuring Jones incessantly and did enough to keep the game within grasp.

He spoke incessantly about an imaginary — and convoluted — conspiracy theory he dubbed “Obamagate.”

Incessantly fighting for fifteen days in his retreat towards the Pyrenees, he lost three thousand more of his men.

Through all these rapid visions there ran an undefined, uneasy consciousness of pain, which wearied and tormented him incessantly.

He was nearly half a century bishop of Angers, and devoted himself incessantly to the duties of his office.

At the sessions he sits swearing and scolding incessantly, and when he is at his worst—just think!

Corpses floated in the bay, and tempest followed tempest incessantly, as if the day of judgment were at hand.

Hartledon was in the library, pacing about incessantly in the darkness, for the room was only lighted by the fire.