Inch [noun]

Definition of Inch:

one-twelfth of a foot/2.54 centimeters measured

Synonyms of Inch:

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Sentence/Example of Inch:

Through Stafford and southern Charles counties about one to three inches fell.

Still, the chance of picking up a quick inch somewhere along the line seems good.

Mittens that fit properly will extend about a quarter of an inch from your outstretched fingers and allow you to comfortably make a fist.

In parts of Southern Maryland, however, where the snow was heavier, amounts were as high as two to four inches despite similar temperatures.

The lessons started with shooting and more shooting, and nature helped as Lee grew an inch a year.

Mostly two to three inches fell, with a handful of reports of a little more or less.

About one to inches of snow fell in many parts of the immediate area overnight.

We showed we have a strong group of players that goes out there and work hard for every inch out there, try to win every game.

Not a lot of additional snow accumulation is anticipated today, probably less than an inch, so most areas will end up with the low end of the three- to five-inch forecast, and a few spots will see less than that.

Original articleSeveral inches of snow are set to paste the Washington region on Sunday, the most the area has seen in two years.