Inched [verb]

Definition of Inched:

move slowly; delay

Synonyms of Inched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inched:

Sentence/Example of Inched:

Pressing against the wall, he inched one foot downward until it found the foothold.

It was a tight squeeze, but he inched his way out of the trap by using every ounce of strength at his command.

The sheriff inched toward him; but the judge raised the hand that held the blue-wrappered paper as a sign that he had more to say.

Then, talking gently and reassuringly, he gradually inched the injured spaniel over onto the center of the poncho.

Warily, like a stalking cat, Ken Torrance inched the torpoon toward the great shining ship.

We came to the bridge, which was still standing, in a few moments; but oh how it swayed as we inched our way across!

Finally he had inched to a point where, by stretching out a hand, he could almost reach the edge.

Slowly the boys inched forward, being careful not to send ripples out across the water.

Alta she inched away from me, and she says to him: 'Mr. Jedlick, come over here and shake hands with Mr. Wilson.'

He inched forward cautiously and peered around the corner of the building entrance.