Inching [adjective]

Definition of Inching:

in the act of creeping

Synonyms of Inching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inching:

Sentence/Example of Inching:

Place the buns onto parchment paper on a baking tray, leaving about a fourth inch between each one.

The company does fill cracks wider than a ¼ inch with liquid crack filler, but for narrower cracks, it just coats the surface with sealer, which seals out water but doesn’t make them disappear.

In a recent example, a team of scientists led by Samsung’s Won-Jae Joo and Stanford’s Mark Brongersma published a paper in Science describing a new meta-OLED display that can pack in 10,000 pixels per inch with room to scale.

From here, slide your right hand forward around 12 inches, then your left hand.

Oftentimes when these experiences happen in our lives, we are analyzing every single inch of a problem and we don’t have a long-term perspective, because we lose that in the emotional state of chaos.

By melting polar ice sheets and making the ocean expand as it warms, human-caused warming has raised the global average sea level between eight and nine inches since the preindustrial era.

It helps offset any instability created by the three inches of additional height.

Its anodized aluminum body stretches to 13 by 20 inches and ensures quick and even heating, and the small lip around the edge keeps your ingredients from falling over the sides.

On startup, the Cullinan automatic lifts an inch and a half, providing a touch more ground clearance, permitting it to ford streams as deep as 21 inches without risk of the engine inhaling water.

The bullet passed inches from her heart and permanently damaged nerves in her arm.