Incidence [noun]

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Science has long shown that the kickoff is the most dangerous play in football, with the highest incidence rate of concussions from the intense collisions.

The incidence of the disorder, which causes a temporary weakness or paralysis in muscles of the face, was not greater than in the general population.

The San Diego Board of Supervisors did this in June, creating a “Mobile Crisis Response Team” of trained mental health providers to respond to nonviolent incidences involving people with mental health issues.

A few weeks after Penn State resumed classes, Centre County, which for five months had largely avoided major spikes, had Pennsylvania’s highest positivity and incidence rates.

When the initial incidences of lead pipes emerged, the records they had for where the piping systems were located were on index cards at the bottom of an administrative building.

This population is experiencing the decrease in colorectal cancer incidence and death that is currently being observed overall.

That the tax was reasonable in intention, equitable in incidence, and in itself tolerable, few probably will now deny.

Now it is apparent here that the angle of reflexion is made equal to the angle of incidence.

As recently as the nineteenth century, the incidence of disease was a thousandfold greater than it is now.

For the sake of illustration, the stabilizing surface has been given an angle of incidence, and therefore has a lift and C.P.