Incident [noun]

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The reason given was an incident in January when his daughter was found on campus with a vape pen.

The publication confirmed that Dorris had told both a friend in the city and her mother about the incident — both of whom corroborated her account.

For any incident, she says, “it’s really about trying to see the positive sides, and it’s about how you deal with it.”

It’s incredible the amount of media intensity that happens when there’s a viral incident.

Robinhood is facing class action lawsuits over the outages in March from customers who allege the incident caused them to lose money.

However, I would say to those that look at a lot of things that are happening and a lot of the incidents that we’re having and a lot of the problems we’re having with community policing, I think that that goes both ways.

Such incidents, however, may be declining in significance as more prominent individuals and institutions embrace cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology.

Unlike the previous four incidents, however, NZX managed to maintain trading on its markets.

She said she called the police after the woman claiming to be the client’s grandmother and the other woman with her continued to make threats and refused Corado’s request that they leave the Casa Ruby parking lot, where the incident unfolded.

Glossier also shared a statement with Fortune, though it declined to comment on the specific incidents described in my story.