Incidentally [adverb]

Definition of Incidentally:

by chance

Synonyms of Incidentally:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incidentally:

Sentence/Example of Incidentally:

That’s 16% above yesterday’s close, which, incidentally, would be “twice the 8% average annual return since 1930,” Goldman notes.

They’re also, incidentally, very easy to make and hard to mess up.

“Unprecedented” was, incidentally, one of the words being used a lot more than usual this year, the report notes.

Which, incidentally, closely frames our current political life in America today.

Both, incidentally, are major factors across former socialist countries.

And, incidentally, to encourage retiring and diffident lady interviewers.

Some of them appear incidentally in the text, though only where it seems absolutely necessary to name them.

Happily, if only incidentally, such self-defence involved the championship of the independence of Scotland.

Incidentally we learned that the finest sheep in the world—and vast numbers of them—are produced in Great Britain.

Incidentally, in making these photographs, great numbers of new nebulæ have been discovered.