Incidentals [noun]

Definition of Incidentals:

part, article

Synonyms of Incidentals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incidentals:

Sentence/Example of Incidentals:

After every three or four checks there is apt to be one marked "Incidentals," or "General Expenses."

You certainly said Entertaining came under Incidentals; see, here it is in black and white.

A guest was never permitted to pay for anything; expressage, laundry and all incidentals were as free as air.

The girl, Tillys absence, such things were to him only incidentals now.

There were his clothes, of course, and another excrudescence or two, but these were incidentals.

We were not used to such Epicurean fare and began to fear gout and other incidentals of too luxurious living.

Perhaps, including insurance and incidentals, the profit may be reduced to about $1.25 per ton.

About fifty cents of this sum I spent each week for car-fare and incidentals.

This objection would hold if reason and wisdom were incidentals.

But if bows and bricks were only incidentals, the bombs were the real thing.