Incidents [noun]

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Never did events of the utmost magnitude hinge on incidents so trivial to the community at large.

Concurrence finds incidents or concomitants of a fact or event, something that by accident became connected with it.

Avoid, at all times, mentioning subjects or incidents that can in any way disgust your hearers.

But the battle was not won until one of those strange incidents happened that distinguish the Mutiny from all other wars.

Out of these seven incidents, six are found, and found more than once, in the earlier forms of the Lancelot story.

And so an end to incidents as revolting as anything to be found in the lengthy annals of crime.

Itit would have been a tragedy based upon several 133 of the main incidents in the Punic Wars.

The incident was farcical enough, but the incidents came so fast that they were beginning to get on Jessie's nerves.

If incidents of this kind had happened more frequently England would no doubt be richer in historic buildings.

She is sometimes tempted to heighten a little the incidents, in order to get on a little better, and to make more impression.