Incipient [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incipient:

Whether he had shot a man, or robbed a bank, or fired a church, the incipient accusation died away.

And this failure to get hold of the incipient case applies to all the various kinds of adverse influences that cause destitution.

Another arrived with a fine mat, a man of higher rank, whose incipient consumption had often troubled the Master.

Spirits of turpentine rubbed in around the base of the horns, will arrest the disease in its incipient stages.

It was as if some spirit that had breathed on him, sustaining him, lightening his incipient heaviness, had been removed.

It is an excellent remedy for headache, incipient suffusion of the eyes, and dimness of sight.

The adoption of this order was the incipient measure that led to the establishment of the Massachusetts School Fund.

All this was not accomplished, however, without much confusion and an incipient civil war.

Consequently, he hit upon a good plan for getting rid of the incipient Cabbalist.

The arrival of a German count gives direction and impetus to incipient love affairs.