Incisiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incisiveness:

Even while they could become annoyed by his hands-off approach, they admired his incisive questioning of graduate students and visitors giving presentations to the department.

The soft Southern burr of his ordinary conversation had given place to a clear incisiveness.

Cold, hard rays penetrate through the immense ruin, separating with a sharp incisiveness the light from the shadows.

You are perfectly right, he said with sudden, smiting incisiveness.

But the Coroner's voice broke in upon his flounderings with sharp incisiveness.

Carney asked, the crisp incisiveness of his voice wakening completely the rather fogged man.

The Master heard, and replied with edifying incisiveness mingled with splendid irony.

To his friend's astonishment, Frederick did not display his old incisiveness in debate, whether in attack or defence.

Compared with Jeffrey's his criticism wanted incisiveness, but it wears better.

And thereupon he holds forth grandiloquently, with an ardor and incisiveness born of the love and the longing at his heart.