Incisor [noun]

Definition of Incisor:

a hard bony structure in the jaws of vertebrates

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Sentence/Example of Incisor:

Horses have snipping incisors at the front to tear up grass, and huge grinding molars at the back.

In young females the width of the braincase is more than the distance between the alveoli of the incisor and first molar.

The incisor teeth are remarkably curved in their long axes, with a convexity in front.

I see four sharp incisor teeth, father—two upper, and two under, as a squirrel has.

The single median sulcus on the anterior face of each incisor is typical of the genus Cratogeomys.

The incisor of memorial brasses, again, more especially in continental examples, shows a fondness for the same principle.

From one of the incisor teeth a quadrangular piece had been cleanly removed (fig. 21, g).

Unicuspid, ū-ni-kus′pid, adj. having but one cusp, as an incisor or canine tooth.

In one of the incisor teeth was inserted a small disk of obsidian, the outer surface of which was highly polished (fig. 58).

Completely formed human incisor, with pulp-cavity contracted to a small aperture at the end of the root.