Inclemency [noun]

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That’s why so many local residents look out for them, bringing them coffee, sandwiches, and soup, especially in inclement weather.

Whether it’s inclement weather or a lapse in your gym membership that’s keeping you indoors, the time-saving benefits of home workouts and the convenience of having your equipment within reach are hard to ignore.

Minimizing such edge cases is one reason autonomy leader Waymo chose to pilot its robotaxi service in Chandler, Arizona—a place with wide, well-maintained roads and nearly no inclement weather.

What you gain from that is it doesn’t matter what the light levels are, if you have artificial lighting, if there’s inclement weather—the camera can still create an image.

Those who want to visit their favorite restaurants this fall and winter may find themselves exposed to inclement weather.

There are quiet country roads for scenic biking and a small communal shelter, but be sure to bring tents or a vehicle to sleep in if inclement weather is forecast.

They are of a reddish-white color; but in many places the inclemency of the weather has overspread them with a blackish crust.

These blocks are, however, of sand-stone, and their fractures are the result of the inclemency of the weather.

To him the inclemency of winter is no less eloquent than the abundance of Autumn, or the joyous promise of Spring.

However, in spite of the inclemency of the season, we made ourselves pretty comfortable.