Inclinations [noun]

Definition of Inclinations:

tendency, bent

Opposite/Antonyms of Inclinations:

Sentence/Example of Inclinations:

He carried tales, told lies, and tried to make trouble, for no reason but to gratify his inclinations.

He speaks of false prophets, answering out of their own heads and according to their own corrupt inclinations.

She lived in constant communion with God, undisturbed by evil inclinations from within or temptations from without.

We have learned so much lately about self-denial, and crossing one's own inclinations, and enduring hardness.

To his shame, Tootles, who had bourgeois inclinations, suggested that they should save it against the daily ache of the stomach.

This animal has the same manners, the same vivacity, and the same inclinations as the other sagoins.

Both belonged to old families; both were rich, independent, and without family ties; tastes and inclinations were alike in both.

All mundane inclinations were suppressed, all sensuous desires prohibited.

As emperor, he gave freer vent than ever to his old inclinations to pomp and ceremony.

And you must do me the justice of owning that I have done nothing to force Dora's inclinations.