Included [adjective]

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Bessires was included because he would never win it at any later date, but his doglike devotion made him a priceless subordinate.

He gives a list of the sponsors of the baptized Indians, who included many of the French nobility and clergy.

All religions, the Christian religion included, are adaptations or variants of older religions.

Included was a twenty-page aside on the offending Bishop, revealing a startlingly thorough knowledge of his writings.

Awe stole upon him; he felt himself included in the great ideal of this older day.

In the above number neither the religious, priests, nor children, are included.

Presently he rose and left the table with a polite bow that included both the others.

First permanent settlement began in 1669; original charter included North Carolina and Georgia.

This sum probably included the costly buildings required for the beam-engines, which Trevithick's plan dispensed with.

The insurgent troops were included in the above category, but their arms were restored to them on their leaving the city.