Including [adjective]

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Each of Be’s eight tracks, including album-closer “Dynamite” and a spoken-word skit in which they poke fun at themselves for being chart-toppers, comes across like a personal reminder that we’re all in this together.

“This is an incredible investment by Bank of America,” Kress said, adding that her students — more than half of whom are people of color — are overrepresented in industries hit hardest by the pandemic, including retail and service jobs.

We also found 144 instances of invertebrates, including insects, worms, spiders, and crustaceans, such as crabs and shrimp.

We get a montage of Sam living his own life through the years, including fathering a son whom he names Dean.

Two years ago, Mobileye announced plans to launch a kit that includes visual perception, sensor fusion, its REM mapping system and software algorithms.

Nations around the world are also using similar Bluetooth technology for notifications, including Switzerland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England.

Apple products include thousands of components that are made by suppliers all around the world.

Cities including Dallas and Nashville responded with a clampdown on e-scooters companies.

Critics, including many developers, call the fee exorbitant, comparing it with the roughly 2 percent charged by competing payment processors.

There were three young men and four young ladies, of whom three, including myself, were Americans.