Inclusion [noun]

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CariClub, a network connecting young professionals with nonprofits they might want to support, has teamed up with Charity Navigator for a fund based on community inclusion.

Shannon Schuyler, the firm’s chief purpose and inclusion officer, says they’re aiming to move faster from here.

Rupture isn’t alone in the uptick in interest from agencies, holding companies and brands in need of help improving diversity and inclusion.

It’s not yet clear how common these pandemic clauses are becoming or whether TV networks are pushing back against their inclusion in this year’s upfront contracts.

Just like selective inclusion, selective exclusion regarding PPC can also be beneficial to your marketing campaigns.

The post The Minority Report is providing a playbook for diversity and inclusion in the media industry appeared first on Digiday.

The staff and board established our first official strategic plan for the organization and incorporated diversity and inclusion goals – including ensuring our staff and sources better reflect the community we serve – into it.

That’s according to a series of studies by academics Alexandra Kalev and Frank Dobbin on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Think of it as your traditional SEO, but with the inclusion of geography in it.

I also noticed that planetary science as a community seemed really excited about diversity and really excited about inclusion.