Incoherence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incoherence:

He also, in bass incoherence, formulated the opinion that in such a nest might he found true happiness.

She overlooked his incoherence, knowing well that he referred to Bruce and Ivarene.

The very incoherence of the demand witnessed, I think, to the forces that lay behind it.

His words crowded over each other; his growing incoherence was unintelligible to most of the audience.

But his natural incoherence redeemed the situation, and when dinner was over it was already time to start for the opera.

And her wild incoherence checked itself—dropped into breathless sobbing.

Dobbs was rapidly becoming incoherent and his incoherence took a boastful turn.

Incoherence was new in Hugh Marsden; but just now his clumsy eloquence seemed to have deserted him.

That is, he spoke with rattling and breathless rapidity, but with no incoherence, and therefore with no emotion.

Her irregularity of word and deed goes with a like incoherence of thought and feeling.