Incomes [noun]

Definition of Incomes:

money earned by work or investments

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Sentence/Example of Incomes:

In his research, Salvanes has found that in Norway, parents’ income has almost no effect on their children’s income — a remarkable fact, and uncommon in most places around the world.

Furthermore, some agencies become resellers for tools like Hubspot, which provides a significant portion of the income.

When products from a specific part of the world gain global prominence, they can bring in billions of dollars in profit for local producers, which means jobs, regional investment, and taxable income for governments.

This would also help to reverse the increasing income inequality in the United States and thus strengthen the middle class so they can spend more.

It’s extremely difficult to name a precise amount, but experts have estimated that North Korea relies on criminal activity for up to 15% of its income, with a significant portion of that driven by cyberattacks.

For call center workers, entry level workers, which is a large percentage of our workforce, their net disposable income was below 10%.

You look at it, the number of people of low income in this now not being able to access education because they have neither a device nor broadband.

After weeks without an income due to Art Van’s closure, I now have a job, but without health insurance.

It explained the mental models of money that heads of households must develop to navigate the reality of scarce income and limited cash flows.

In states that expanded Medicaid, everyone with incomes under 138% of the poverty level is eligible.