Incommode [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Incommode:

To the strangers, also, were given the spoons and forks, but the want of them did not appear to incommode the Brazilians.

“I shall be most happy to accept your kind offer for a few days, sir, if it does not incommode you,” replied Newton.

It would have been more to the purpose if he had said, ‘Monsieur Dumas, may I incommode you with my monkey and my parrot?’

Then you were so circumstanced that your disinheritance under your uncle's will might seriously incommode you?

Why not ask the public to incommode itself for a while, to gain a permanent benefit?

To execute this Project they posted themselves behind the Scheld, from whence they indeed did very much incommode us.

I would like to oblige both if it would not injure the service in your army, or incommode you.

Altogether, the privileges of our friends at this time were many, and the Leaguers did not seriously incommode them.

Upon such occasions, soldiers drop every thing that is likely to incommode them, and trust to luck for the future.

It does not incommode one's action in any particular, and is, I think, a great protection against the fierce rays of the sun.