Incommunicable [adjective]

Definition of Incommunicable:


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Sentence/Example of Incommunicable:

This lyric expressed for the two boys the incommunicable aspirations of their most sacred moments.

He had been annoyed out of all reason by the knowledge that they lay below him through the sick idle days—a burden incommunicable.

A sentiment is an infinite and incommunicable thing; no learning and no effort will ever reproduce it absolutely.

They say she has an incommunicable charm, accounting for the price he puts on her now she holds aloof and he misses it.

The author's vivid and imaginative sympathy has really enabled her in some degree to communicate the incommunicable.

"No; not even incommunicable, if he have genius," returned his uncle.

Accent, intonation—both were perfect, of the true Island speech, that delicate incommunicable sing-song.

The name of God we hallow, but not as did the ancient Israelites, by refusing even to mention the sacredly incommunicable Yahweh.

The authors vivid and imaginative sympathy has really enabled her, in some degree, to communicate the incommunicable.

To the boy from the cabin on the Dakota plain these stage pictures were of almost incommunicable beauty and significance.