Incommunicative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incommunicative:

I certainly did not impose any unfair burden upon her incommunicative disposition.

When you met him on the stairs he was incommunicative and gloomy; and whatever you asked him to do he was too busy to do it.

The clerk found him to the last degree incommunicative; and nothing could be discovered from him but what the papers disclosed.

Indeed, I did not discover that Melindy could talk that day; she was very silent, very incommunicative.

How miserable, how deservedly miserable is an incommunicative selfishness!

He seemed to her disagreeably incommunicative, and she had found an ignoble explanation of his mood.

O Death, thou strange mysterious power,—seen every day, yet never understood but by the incommunicative dead—what art thou?

But, when she inquired what he meant, she received a reply that was both incommunicative and not wholly courteous.

All its members, however, being incommunicative persons, no satisfactory elucidation of these points was arrived at in Lisconnel.

Still as we travelled he grew more sullen, became restless, incommunicative, and muttered occasionally to himself.