Incomparable [adjective]

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But I can assure your Majesty with entire truth that the need of your treasury is so pressing now that it is incomparable.

Lastly, I wrote out a special Force Order thanking the incomparable 29th.

He admired Laubs incomparable playing without entering into closer relations with him.

The encenia, or dedication of the incomparable theatre at Oxford, endowed and founded 1664, by archbishop Selden.

Should I leave this incomparable flower to wither unseen on these rough mountains?

I watched her sweet face bent so intently, and as the firelight fell across it found it incomparable.

He stands outside his subject, and through its p. 52medium produces incomparable and artistic effects.

With what admirable skill and incomparable address Marlborough kept together the unwieldy alliance will hereafter appear.

I have seen your name in the papers; your portraits, they say, are incomparable.

The question as to what the taste of this fruit may be compared with, I can only answer by saying, that it is incomparable.