Incompetent [adjective]

Definition of Incompetent:

unskillful, unable

Opposite/Antonyms of Incompetent:

Sentence/Example of Incompetent:

Investigations are ongoing, but it’s already clear this was a tragedy of incompetent leadership, failed intelligence and a giant mess of missed or crossed communications.

I just needed to prove it because the city of Washington is notoriously incompetent and always assumes it is right.

It is the reverse, especially now when representative democracy has produced truly incompetent governments in many places.

You are not eligible to vote if you claim voting residence outside the District or have been declared legally incompetent to vote by a court of law.

It was also littered with anti-Whitmer content, including a headline calling her “America’s most incompetent politician,” according to a cached version of the page.

If I do end up being the most incompetent person in the room, then that means that I’ve done my job properly!

It is the fashion there to regard it merely as a device to help an incompetent organist.

In such incompetent hands the malt business soon fell to be a liability rather than an asset.

Promotion came speedily when the guillotine cleared the way in the higher ranks by removing the incompetent and unfortunate.

The acts done under incompetent rulers, by those who disapprove of their claims, come from neither.