Incompetents [noun]

Definition of Incompetents:

person who blunders

Synonyms of Incompetents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Incompetents:

Sentence/Example of Incompetents:

There are many such men—meaning, of course, men having a level set of brains, and not mental incompetents.

From them came Admiral Graves, and the crowd of incompetents who filled offices in America.

We're hopeless incompetents at statecraft and such things, at running a reasonable world—but we can cook!

Measured by his standard they were a collection of incompetents.

There'll be four of you, and at least two incompetents; and you've got to have money to live on.

Records showed that if the old couple were not actually senile incompetents, they were close to it.

You're required to weed out incompetents wherever you find them without prejudice, mercy, or feeling.

They are the sexual workmen to whom fornication is as much a necessity as poverty is to incompetents.

For the avenues to the stage are blocked by perhaps more frivolous incompetents than any other profession.

But good came out of this evil, for Wilkinson was recalled and the law was nearly fulfilled—the incompetents were gone.