Incomprehension [noun]

Definition of Incomprehension:


Opposite/Antonyms of Incomprehension:

Sentence/Example of Incomprehension:

The man's face wore a sudden crafty look of incomprehension.

I dare say Im unjust, but Im living in another world, and this shocks me—the incomprehension of it all!

Trask's efforts to explain the political and social structure of the Sword-Worlds met the same incomprehension from Bentrik.

But our incomprehension is due even more to our ignorance of the strange and devious workings of the German mind.

It did not occur to him to go on acting, to pretend astonishment or incomprehension.

Then, shrugging his shoulders with incomprehension, fearlessly he sought to forget about it.

The general, however, was staring at her with kindly incomprehension.

He was puzzled, and his eyes were glazed with the incomprehension which had seized him.

“Which is not what I came to see you about,” I answered brusquely, somewhat nettled by their incomprehension.

Her face was like paper; her hair, in contrast, most bright; her eyes expressed only incomprehension.