Incongruities [noun]

Definition of Incongruities:


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Sentence/Example of Incongruities:

One can but sit down in amazement and ask how, in the name of common-sense, such incongruities happen in the world.

To what incomprehensible motives attribute such incongruities?

Slowly, through a haze of pain, certain incongruities were revealed in the curt, disconnected sentences.

Suddenly Lady Sellingworth realized the age of her mind, and it seemed to her that she was a horrible mixture of incongruities.

It is a deep mind that can see how Nature makes all these incongruities to end in harmony.

This is one of the few incongruities already alluded to between the first and second volume.

Such a system must inevitably break to pieces with its own incongruities.

People make incongruities when they will have such things done in state.

This operation does but produce wild and violent incongruities.

It was full of incongruities; were they those of a disordered mind?