Inconsequence [noun]

Definition of Inconsequence:


Opposite/Antonyms of Inconsequence:

Sentence/Example of Inconsequence:

The pastels have been praised with the inconsequence characteristic of so much praise of his work.

He was good-looking too, Lydia noticed with feminine inconsequence, and there was something in his eyes that inspired trust.

From its half-cold inconsequence and restraint, it warmed and lighted, as her hands went out eagerly.

And on me it has left the impression of the utter inconsequence of most traveling.

Jackson exclaimed with the inconsequence of filial affection.

"I've got my flute, sir," he whispered with strange inconsequence as he came to my side.

Why should not the whole of the decorous street suddenly change into the inconsequence of an Empire ballet?

Every evidence of feminine inconsequence in Anna seemed to attest her deeper subjection to the most inconsequent of passions.

There is a wise inconsequence in their ideas, for the logic of the universe is not professed from an academic chair.

With the curious inconsequence of moody youth, she was not aroused to action by the situation in which she found herself.