Inconsolable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inconsolable:

He was inconsolable on finding that he could not hit off the colouring of the old church pictures.

Cromwell appeared to be much affected by his death; and the republicans, who reposed great confidence in him, were inconsolable.

During this time, the whole family suffered the truest grief, and Camilla was inconsolable.

From the time of the transportation of Aladdin's palace, the princess's father had been inconsolable for the loss of her.

He was inconsolable for having given the princes permission to hunt, or for not having borne them company.

May I flatter myself that it is in my power to restore you to the sultan your father, who is inconsolable for the loss of you?

Utterly inconsolable she remained, till again she heard the voice of Lionel, loudly singing in the park.

I am ignorant how my father supported her loss at that time, but I know he was ever after inconsolable.

For some time he was inconsolable, but he determined to go to the race all the same, hoping that he might at least see Lena there.

Mrs. Wilstead hastily disclaimed any such unforgivable crime and inconsolable grief as losing money.