Incontestable [adjective]

Definition of Incontestable:


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Sentence/Example of Incontestable:

If the question had been simply one of pedigree, the right of the Dauphin would have been incontestable.

It is in accordance with these incontestable principles that I shall examine the religion of the Christians.

In short, in this instance, your paternity renders you all the more proud from the fact that it is incontestable, my dear sir!

That I take it by my own incontestable right and not of your hand, by your bounty and your charity?

It is surely pushing the argument too far to say that this is an “incontestable” representation of the solar movement.

That it would be policy to attach one of the family to this chirping old miser, he thought incontestable.

Mrs. Lovell was lying back with the neglectful grace of incontestable beauty; not a line to wrinkle her smooth soft features.

Their compatriot, George Moore, despite his incontestable talent, has been unable to get them to accept him.

Mrs. Sumfit dolorously said, "Often, William dear," and accepted the incontestable truth in deep humiliation of mind.

But another thing was certainly incontestable, and that was that the Taepings could not in any sense be regarded as patriots.